Wayfinding signs on The Loop will help orient people to their surroundings and alert them to new areas and activities in SouthPark. Signage will reinforce The Loop brand by using the logo and colors.


Lighting will both provide safe lighting for pedestrians and bicyclists and will also be attractive and create visual stimulation at night.


Landscaping will be incorporated into The Loop in strategic locations such as amenity zones or signature projects to provide color and vibrancy. Based on public survey responses, the landscaping will be clean with pops of colorful foliage or flowers.


Furniture on The Loop will primarily be benches, trash cans and bike racks. In amenity areas or segments adjacent to dining, developers will be encouraged to add café or picnic tables. All furniture will be consistent with the brand colors.

Public Art

Public art provides interest, color and photo opportunities on The Loop and will be integrated into amenity zones and priority projects wherever possible. The art will be colorful and fun to match The Loop brand.


The building materials of The Loop will be sophisticated, sustainable and cost-effective. Colored concrete will make up the majority of The Loop, with complementary pavers for amenity zones.