Vision Statement

SouthPark will continue to be one of the City of Charlotte’s premier mixed-use regional activity centers through the continued investment in public infrastructure that will improve walkability and connectivity and build more vibrant public places. Great streets, more parks and plazas, improved greenspace, and safer intersections that can be used by residents, employees and visitors of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds will be the foundation for future investment in the SouthPark activity center. Whether by the public or private sectors, these activities will ensure continued economic vibrancy and help to reinforce SouthPark’s unique identity and reputation within the region and within surrounding neighborhoods.


SouthPark Municipal Service District (MSD) Goals

The overarching goal of the SouthPark MSD is to strengthen SouthPark’s ability to attract and retain employment opportunities and generate new property and retail sales tax revenue for the City of Charlotte by implementing projects that enhance the area’s locational advantages for both employment and residential living. As the SouthPark area continues to urbanize, it is essential that there is a comprehensive plan to manage future growth and focus limited resources on projects that will ensure continued success and protect economic vitality.

  1. Promotion, planning, advocacy, and funding of capital investment to enhance the economic vitality of SouthPark, including street lighting, street and sidewalk connections, and pedestrian and multi-modal paths.
  2. Management of contracts to provide enhanced service needs for SouthPark, including enhancements in hospitality, safety, and security and beautification.
  3. Branding, promotion, and marketing of SouthPark to increase tax base and maintain a unique identity for the area.
  4. Creation of an advocacy group to represent area interests and coordinate with government and private agencies, business owners, and residents.


Proposed MSD Boundary